How do I get my business to stand out from the rest?

We’ve all been there before…

I’m at a networking event standing around chatting to three or four other attendees when the moment comes to pass business cards around the gathered (and oh so lucky) few.

Bob passed his cards professionally and confidently around the small circle and Sydney panics. The stress is palpable and you can see him looking down for the desired trap door to open and swallow him whole. Why? Because Sydney’s cards are IDENTICAL to Bob’s. The text is different but the fonts, design and pretty logo are exactly the same.

Remember the phrase “You should have gone to Specsavers!” ? In this scenario the phrase is “You should have gone to a print specialist”. So many (embarrassingly many) people still head to a hitherto unnamed mass production online print company for their “just to get me going” cheap and cheerful business cards. Believe me, individuality is priceless.

Your brand needs to adequately reflect YOU and your business and a one size fits all logo is an absolute NO NO!

I can’t recall Bob or Sydney’s real names (which speaks volumes) but I can remember the business card disaster.

We will work with you to create your design, help with ideas, colours, styles, fonts, thickness, print effect and even size options! The list of possibilities is endless.

Stand out from the crowd for the right reasons – call Jigsaw today on 01274 693197 and well help to put your jigsaw pieces in place until we have the desired finished picture!